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The Reality

Often individuals recovering from the life of human trafficking are left without resources, traditional work experience, and even left with a criminal history from the demands of a trafficker or for mere survival

The Challenge

This reality makes it extremely challenging to get a fair chance at employment, to gain access to professional and personal development skills, or to be able to build trust and healthy relationships.

When no prospect for gainful employment is available or no personal support structure, these individuals will often return to the streets or to a trafficker as the only means of support they can see

The Solution

Communication and confidence skills are critical to move forward. Job opportunities are essential to move on. Dale Carnegie, author of How to Win Friends and Influence People, developed a program to address these challenges and his training approach has become recognized worldwide for its effectiveness in developing personal and professional skills. Our WAY2WORK program begins with a series of Dale Carnegie seminars developed with the unique challenges and realities of survivors and their advocates in mind


By participating in the i-5 Freedom Network's WAY2WORK program as a sponsor or a corporate partner willing to grant interviews, you will be a powerful disruptor to the cycle of destruction caused by the fallout of human trafficking. By contributing to a scholarship you will ensure the continued path forward and make a positive impact on someone's life

Learn more about partnering with us here

To donate to a scholarship for a survivor go here

A path forward
Participants must be referred by a support program or already stabilized and independent. Participants can be any individual familiar with the challenges of the life of human trafficking, with personal experience or actively in support of those ready to move on the path forward
English and Spanish
Open to those 18 years old and older, men and women
Certificate Program
Our certificate program includes 5 one-day seminars that can be taken in any order. All of the one day seminars are accredited and include CEUs (Continuing Education Units)
Interactive and Engaging Workshops
All of our seminars are taught by certified corporate trainers utilizing the methodology and content created by Dale Carnegie
Customized Seminar Content
Our seminar participants are either survivors of human trafficking or those who support their journey as case managers, social workers, or others working directly with those impacted by the life. The seminar content is the same offered to any business professional or individual with topics customized for relevance. The only difference in the facilitation approach is in the safe space and common language shared by the participants
Communicate for Success
Communicate for Success is the topic for a one day seminar. In this seminar objectives include vision and goal planning, identifying communication and personality styles, listening skills, and managing difficult questions
Conquer Stress
Conquering Stress is topic for one of our seminars. Learning how to recognize, adapt, and recover from stressful situations, either at home or at work, are the objectives for this one-day event
Gain Cooperation and Leadership
In this one day seminar, participants will learn confidence and communication skills to work well with others, seek a win-win outcome, and gain external awareness to connect positively with others
Tell Your Story
Presentation Skills is one of the seminar topics. Whether telling your story at special events or just feeling and looking confident while speaking, this Dale Carnegie specialty will provide amazing results
Job Interview Workshop
Upon completion of the program, particpants become eligible for a job interview referral with one of our hiring agents. Mock Interview skills, along with business etiquette 101 make up the content for a one-day seminar
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