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Our team of artists created these custom wine labels to be paired with quality wine. Proceeds go towards preventing human trafficking and supporting survivors. Read about the labels and artists below.

Whisper's Willow_png.png
Whisper's Willow_png.png

A Message From the Artist

Under the branches of a weeping willow has been one of my happy places since I can remember. As a young child, they hid a secret fairy world, & I can still get lost in their magic. Although I always love finding a chance to pick up a paintbrush and create, my passion is in the work I do to support fellow Survivors. This led me to launch my new podcast, Butterflies and Bravery, as a platform for Survivor voices. I am also honored to be a part of i-5 Freedom Network where I have been able to both give and get Survivor support.

 by Whisper James

Sonoma County Sauvignon Blanc

i5_wine label_Disruption Red_FINAL.png

About the Design

The overlapping rectangles represent all the lives that are touched by human trafficking. The tonal layers represent all the different ways people are affected by human. trafficking and the complexities of their varying circumstances. The font treatment on DISRUPTION viscerally represents the power of disruption and its ability to reform paths, change expectations and challenge perceptions. Screening back the white font color of the word RED creates subtle hierarchy with a nod to the wine

About the Artist

As a founding partner of Studiotrope Design Collective, Deva Montalbano has spent the past 20 years helping clients align their brands with their cultures in unique and meaningful ways. Her work with i-5 has been a labor of love and she is grateful for every opportunity to help further the mission of disrupting human trafficking.

i5_wine label_Disruption Red_FINAL.png

By Deva Montalbano

Brutocao Cellars Quadrigo

rising phoenix rosé (1).png
rising phoenix rosé (1).png

Why the Phoenix?

Each survivor is a phoenix rising from the ashes of her past to reinvent herself & her life. By contributing to the i-5, you’re helping survivors to find their value and carve a new path for themselves. Let's rise up for a good cause. 

About the Designer

Alyx is a member of the i-5 Freedom Network team and works as the Community Outreach Coordinator. She is passionate about human rights and equality for all, and is honored to contribute to the cause of the i-5 Freedom Network so that all may live with freedom and dignity.

By Alyx Wells

Bliss Vineyards Rosé

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