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2022 for i-5 Freedom Network: A Year in Review

Your investment in the i-5 enabled us to accomplish incredible results, reach more people, serve more survivors and disrupt the cycle of trafficking more than ever before. Here is just some of what we did this year.

Because of your support, this year i-5 Freedom Network was able to facilitate

SIX Way2Work Programs, including five Skills for Success 8-week workshops in Spanish and English, and a 2-Day High Impact Presentation course, benefiting a total of 47 participants.

All of the Way2Work participants said the workshops made a profound impact in their lives, and boosted their confidence in their next steps. 100% of the participants agreed they saw their skills improve from the courses.

The Way2Work programs, Skills for Success, the High Impact Presentation courses, and the new Way2Work Plus programs make an impact in the lives of the participants every day.

It’s your support that made these programs possible in 2022.



  • i-5 Freedom Network also extended brand-new additional benefits this year to our graduating participants called Way2Work Plus to further support their success in building their new lives. The new support program additions are:

    • Way2Succeed, which supplies iPhones and computers to support participants in their career success.

    • Way2Go is a transportation support addition to help participants get to and from interviews, engagements, and speaking opportunities.

    • ay2Impress supports participants who need fashion support and new apparel for interviews, engagements, and speaking opportunities.

  • i-5 Freedom Network was able to give over $8700 in support through the new Way2Work Plus programs for program participants, Survivor leaders and Lived Experience Experts.

  • i-5 Freedom Network facilitated seven paid speaking opportunities for Survivor leaders and Lived Experience Experts including:

    • Loitering for the Purpose of Prostitution, a Zonta Club Santa Clarita Valley Event

    • Superbowl Community and Business Safety Event, an i-5 Freedom Network Event

    • It's Happening Here, Now What? a Susan Samueli Foundation Event

    • Through their Eyes, a Susan Samueli Foundation and i-5 Freedom Network Event

    • Philanthropy and Anti-Trafficking Organizations, a Susan Samueli Foundation Event

    • Human Trafficking Training for Homeless Services Staff, a City of Long Beach Event

    • Human Trafficking Town Hall, an i-5 Freedom Network and City of San Clemente.

  • 100% of our course and workshop participants say they would recommend the workshop and course programs to others.



  • i-5 Freedom Network hosted a Community and Safety Event training to prepare hoteliers, small businesses and concerned citizens for Superbowl events that bring a spike in illicit activity and exploitation including working with San Juan Capistrano Council members, the Orange County Sheriff's Department, Lived Experience Experts and the Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force (OCHTTF).

  • i-5 Freedom Network teamed up with 13 other local anti-trafficking organizations, coordinating resources and support to combat human trafficking during the 2022 Super Bowl by connecting with local hotels and providing resources for responding and reporting potential HT activity.

  • The i-5 Freedom Network’s volunteer team of 11 spent a collective 50+ hours delivering printed resources to 65 different hotels and motels.

  • In collaboration with local hotels, law enforcement, and survivors of human trafficking, i-5 Freedom Network created a new training and awareness initiative called The Levi Project that connects both hotel employees and guests with critical information and response options for observed and possible trafficking incidences.

  • i-5 Freedom Network initiated and developed a compliance and rating program for local hotels to award proactive efforts to eliminate human trafficking in the hospitality industry in response to the latest enacted anti-human trafficking legislation.

  • The flagship hotel for both these programs has seen phenomenal results and increased visitor satisfaction ratings in every area.



  • i-5 Freedom Network initiatives resulted in San Clemente’s Public Safety Committee being awarded approved plans to fight human trafficking and implementing preventative actions by recognizing cases of sex trafficking or forced labor more effectively in hotels, massage establishments and related businesses.

  • The adopted plan identified three priorities to stop modern day slavery in San Clemente, and the council unanimously approved all recommendations listed under Priority One for 2022 and focus on Priorities Two & Three in the coming year (2023)

  • In the meantime, San Clemente’s Public Safety Committee is working with i-5 Freedom Network on expanding a recognition plan for hotels who achieve actions in Priority Two.



  • Brenda Wells was a key contributor in a three-part human trafficking solutions series, hosted by the Susan Samueli Foundation. At each series event Brenda Wells was joined by Lived Experience Experts, as well as our Community Engagement Manager Whisper James at the final presentation.

  • i-5 Freedom Network was featured in the Unite US- California Partner Spotlight Event. opening further opportunities for partnership with other organizations.

  • i-5 Freedom Network was a guest on the Anti-Human Trafficking Spanish podcast “Terminando con la Trata.” (Ending Human Trafficking) with hosts Virginia and Gilbert Contreras, a podcast heard in the US and in over 50 countries!

  • i-5 Freedom Network organized and hosted a special San Clemente Town Hall Event to address Human Trafficking in our community and was attended by more than 60 members of the community. Presentations by community leaders and expert representatives included Lived Experience Experts, the Capistrano Unified School District, San Clemente High School, Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem of San Clemente, Mayor Pro Tem of San Juan Capistrano, the OCSD, the San Clemente Public Safety Committee, and representatives from the offices of US Congressman Mike Levin and District Assemblywoman Laurie Davies.

  • i-5 Freedom Network also presented human trafficking information and awareness at the 8th Annual Shopping Extravaganza at Outlets at San Clemente.

  • i-5 Freedom Network organized and led a local soiree event to bring our work and awareness to the local community and to update the community and long-term supporters with current programs and future plans.

  • i-5 Freedom Network’s Community Engagement Manager Whisper James represented i-5 Freedom Network as a Survivor Leadership and Lived Experience Expert at the annual Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force (OCHTTF) meeting.



  • i-5 Freedom Network spoke at the American Association University Women (AAUW) about the reality of human trafficking in our communities. More than 30 members attended.

  • i-5 Freedom Network spoke at The Exchange Club of San Clemente’s luncheon on human trafficking in our community and the work that the i-5 Freedom Network does to disrupt it.

  • i-5 Freedom Network spoke on human trafficking for a local heating ventilation company, raising awareness about the signs of human trafficking activity that can be seen in residential areas, as well as what to do about it.

  • i-5 Freedom Network attended a social event and fundraiser at the Rotary Club of San Clemente for our work. Over 50 people gathered for a fun evening of engagement and awareness.



Here is our answer: YOU.

Yes, you. NONE of this work is possible without YOU.

In the same way an acorn can grow into a mighty oak tree, and a single spark can ignite a powerful blaze, we make the most of every donation, amplifying its impact through every program action. Know that everything that we do is significant with the needs of beneficiaries in mind and an unwavering commitment to end human trafficking and exploitation. YOU are the water for the acorn. YOU are the fan that stokes the blaze. YOU are the only reason we are here today. Because you care, we can. We are moving into the new year with more commitment and more capacity than ever before, and we know

With your support, 2023 is going to be even better.

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