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A Path Forward for Lived-Experience Experts of Human Trafficking

The Reality: Often individuals recovering from the life of human trafficking are left without resources, traditional work experience, and even with a criminal history

from the demands of a trafficker, exploitation, or for mere survival

The Challenge: This reality makes it extremely challenging to get a fair chance at employment, to gain access to professional and personal development skills, or to simply be able to build trust and healthy relationships. When no prospect for gainful employment or a personal support structure is available, these individuals will often return to the streets or to a trafficker as the only means of support they can see

The Solution: Confidence is critical to moving forward. Job opportunities are essential to moving on. Dale Carnegie, author of How to Win Friends and Influence People, developed programs to address these challenges and his training approach has become recognized worldwide for its effectiveness in developing personal and professional skills. Our WAY2WORK program begins with a series of Dale Carnegie seminars developed with the unique challenges and realities of survivors and their advocates in mind. Once the seminar series is complete, to include a job interview workshop facilitated by experienced hiring agents, a referral for an interview can be made to participating businesses

What is the i-5 Freedom Network Impact: In partnership with Dale Carnegie Training of Orange County, the i-5 Freedom Network is offering scholarships for our WAY2WORK program to lived-experience experts of human trafficking to these highly sought-after programs with content developed by Dale Carnegie. These are the same seminars attended by professionals across California and the nation. Google, Hewlett-Packer, AAA, Ford are just a few of the companies that have sent their employees and executives to Dale Carnegie seminars

Who should attend the WAY2WORK seminars: This program consisting of 5 one-day seminars is intended for stabilized individuals or those on the path of recovery from the life, as well as those who work closely with the cause such as non-profit representatives and victim advocates. It is open to anyone with experience in life, sex and labor trafficking, men and women, and available in Spanish. The content is not focused on human trafficking but rather on personal and professional development skills, facilitated in a safe and empathetic environment by certified Dale Carnegie trainers

How does it work: The seminars typically go from 9-5pm and include lunch, snacks and caffeine. Transportation vouchers may be available. Course topics are:

1. Communicate for Success: Build confidence and communication skills, create a vision for your future, how to handle difficult questions and conflict management

2. Conquer Stress: Identify stress triggers and how to manage them at home and in the workplace

3. Tell Your Story/Presentation Skills: Learn how to structure and deliver a presentation for impact as well as how to feel confident in groups or in interviews

4. Cooperation and Leadership Skills: Learn how to effectively work with others for positive and effective outcomes

5. Business Etiquette 101 and Job Interview Practice: Ever wondered what to wear or what to talk about? This seminar will get you ready for all those unknowns when entering a new job

Where and when are the WAY2WORK seminars held: The seminars are usually held at San Clemente Presbyterian Church, 119 Avenida de la Estrella, San Clemente. Group training events can be accommodated at your location with a minimum of 6 participants in the LA and San Diego area. To bring the program to an area outside these regions, contact us for options. Programs are offered monthly and can be scheduled for your group, also available in Spanish. Coming up we have Conquer Stress October 25 at San Clemente Presbyterian Church and Tell Your Story/Presentation Skills November 13

What can you do: By participating in the i-5 Freedom Network’s WAY2WORK program as a seminar sponsor or a corporate partner willing to grant interviews, you will be a powerful disruptor to the cycle of destruction caused by the fallout from human trafficking. By contributing to a scholarship you will ensure the continued path forward and make a positive impact on someone’s life. Join us in making an impact today!

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